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Project focus

Østfold county has some of the most productive agricultural areas in Norway, and high yield forest areas. In these rural areas, large public and industrial buildings and the farming sector affect global climate because of energy use from machinery, heating and cooling, from the use of fuels for different types of equipment, etc. Earlier experience has shown that, although there is great interest in developing more renewable energy production in these areas, technical, financial and legislative barriers have hindered the development. This project aims to reach out to farmers and other inhabitants for a joint focus on developing renewable energy solutions using e.g. micro CHP, bio, solar and/or wind energy. Through cooperation with municipalities such as Hvaler and Fredrikstad who have found ways to simplify the building permit legislation, the planning and environmental authorities at local and regional level, and actors willing to invest in renewable energy, we want to find ways to lower or even remove these barriers.

Targeted outcomes

The goal is to foster cooperation between different groups of potential prosumers (farmers, owners of public and private buildings) in rural areas of Østfold, with the aim to lower legislative, financial and other types of barriers, and release the potential of renewable energy production in the area.

New merging energy technologies suitable for smaller scale production, and for balancing the variable effects, is now entering the market and it is of high value to cooperate with other countries that have experience in utilizing these energy sources. The added values for this project are the results from testing, collecting and sharing of knowledge and experience of smart solutions for sustainable rural energy production and consumption worldwide. Large public and private procurement agreements, and maybe even new energy cooperatives, in Norway will act as showcases for others, both partners in the project and external stakeholders in Europe. Such initiative will accelerate the testing and use of sustainable technologies and smart energy systems in rural areas.

Community Benefits

  • Farmers: Cost reduction, income from energy production, energy security
  • Prosumers: Cost reduction, income from energy production, energy security
  • Businesses and industry: Deliver components and systems, cost reduction, income from energy production, energy security
  • Local and regional authorities: Reach climate targets, cost reduction, income from energy production, energy security
  • All: climate improvement


Torbjørn Kristiansen
Fylkesmannen i Østfold

Tlf: +47 69 24 71 49


Guri Bugge
Climate and energy advisor
Østfold County Council

+47 479 06 912